Contributing is a key part of the function of credit so a systems to credit contributes has been created not just on the front page but for individual pages and question submissions.

Contributors can now add contact details so other students who are having difficulty or have found an error can contact those who have a good knowledge of the content. Declaring yourself as a contributor and adding contact details is optional however teaching others is good revision and it is useful to be able to contact the person who wrote the question.

New Contributors

Contributors now have a page with the name and contact information and example can be seen here

To add a contributor a new contributor needs to be addded to the _contributors/contributors.json file an example is shown below

      "name":"Joseph Evans",
      * "github":"LoudShadow",
      * "nick":"Joseph",
      * "discord":"sharpshot2566#2529",
      * "info" : "more info"

items shown with a * are optional

Additional info

More details can be added by adding a new key and value to the json object they will be displayed in plain text in the table

You may wish additional details to be added with a link for example to your website this can be done with a value link object in the vale

"website":{"value": "my Site","link": ""}

Special keys

Some of the keys have additional formatting to improve usability and their use may differ from standard


This will be displayed at the page header and is used to reference the page across the site


If this is set it will replace instances of the name on your page


This should be a url that points to your profile image a url can be obtained from your github profile by right clicking on your picture and selecting copy image address


This should be your github name and will add a link you your github profile


this must be your full discord username and will create a link to your profile

Using contributors

Note Pages

contributors can be credited in the notes by using the contributors value in the YAML font matter at the top of the page. THis name should be the same as the supplied name

credit will then be added to the page footer

this should work with any page that has a layout deriving from notes.html

  - Person1
  - Person2

module index pages

Credit can be given to the notes pages on tht index page by adding your name to the authors or contributors on the module yml page in _data

Quiz questions

The use of contributors in the question see the Quiz tutorial will add a small link under the question linking to your page.

A direct link to your page is found at<Your%20Name>