How do I display Math?

The site uses MathJax to display mathematical equations there is a brief tutorial on how to include them in your pages a full tutorial can be found at the bottom of the page

Firstly, ensure that the top of the markdown (.md) file has YAML Front Matter containing the key-value pair math: true. If it’s not there, add it into the front matter.

For math sections (ensure that there’s a new line before and after the start and end $$ respectively):


or $$1+1=2$$ for in-line math

If there is no YAML Front Matter you can add it at the top of the file like this:

math: true

When adding MathJax to json files most notably quiz files a double slash is needed
``` \(x \\cdot (y + z) \\equiv (x \\cdot y) + (x \\cdot z)\)

Detailed MathJax Tutorial